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Creating Sprites for Robofish

Acid Gun

Acid Damage Effect Sprite

Just finished up a new article on the process we took in creating sprite sheets for Robofish.  Here is a snippet:

“Robofish is my first real game project and when I started working on it I knew that using sprite sheets was the preferred method for exporting graphics to the engine but I didn’t have a clue how to set them up efficiently.  Sprite sheets are basically large image files that tile out each graphic or animation’s frame so that the game engine can read the images in order according to the sheet and display them on the screen when called.  That sounds confusing, I am not even sure I understand what I just typed!  Simply, a game engine runs faster if it can see a bunch of graphics on one image file rather than thousands of individual images.  Jacob, my Brother and the programmer behind our games, and I knew this but our first attempt at sprite sheets wasn’t quite the most efficient.”

If you are interested in how we made the graphics and some of the troubles you run in to as new developers check it out!  Link to article:

MobiLinc Universal Device Controller Application

Check out this awesome application created by Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC that lets you control all kinds of devices at your home or office with your iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Android. See below for some specific details on what it does or click here to go to their website!

Home Automation Controllers Supported

– Universal Devices ISY-99i series and ISY-26
– SmartHome SmartLinc 2412N Firmware Version 3.x
– SmartHome PowerLinc 2414 USB and Serial
– PulseWorx Mi LightStyle
– HomeSeer

MobiLinc Features

– Automatic Detect and Setup on Local Wi-Fi
– Username and Password Authentication
– Works over Wi-Fi, 3G, or EDGE
– Real Time Status
– Supports up to 1024 Devices and 1024 Scenes
– Supports Thermostats, Irrigation, Garage Door Controllers
– Multiple Profile and Theme Support
– Try MobiLinc Lite with one device for Free to Test Your Setup

 I had the pleasure of working with Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC and helping them with the icons and other misc graphics on their MobiLinc applications.

Favorite Flash Games

Flash Logo

Sometimes when I am sitting around bored and can’t decide what to do I play flash games until I figure something out.  Over the past few years I have stumbled upon some awesome flash based games that really amaze me.  Below is a list of my top favorite flash games that I have found recently.  Click on them to go to the links and play them your self!

Upgrade Complete 2 (This game can seem ridiculous at first but it is actually pretty cool, I found it pretty unique in the way it plays)

Cursed Treasure: Level Pack (Fun and Challenging)

Death vs. Monstars (fun shooter with good upgrades, I actually used this developers tutorials on explosion graphics for my first few Robofish effects)

GemCraft Labyrinth (This game has so much depth to it!  It is pretty awesome)

Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack (Like Angry Birds, which I have never played, only seen)

Elephant Quest (I loved this game for the slickness of the GUI and graphics)

This is a short list, there are so many others I have played but I will save them for another list later on.  I need to find some of them again as I can’t remember all their names.  Enjoy these though!

Random Rant: Superhero Drama



My brother and I often have this discussion when watching superhero movies where we can’t figure out why these “heros” are so depressed and sad all the time!  I can understand it in some movies where the drama is what makes the plot like Batman for example.  However, in movies like Spider-man and X-Men half the movie is them running around crying about some girl/boy they like or how they just want to be normal!  Are you kidding me? I must have missed the part where it explained how being “normal” is anywhere near as awesome as shooting giant rays of energy out of my eyes or flying around the world with nothing other than the clothes on my back!  When I watch a movie about people with super human powers I want to see what they can DO!  I want to watch them crumble buildings with ease as I imagine myself in their shoes, instead I get to hear about how they miss their cat back home and how terrible it is to be 10,000 times stronger than the average person.

I really enjoyed the first Iron Man movie as he didn’t complain to much about his situation, even in the caves when faced with certain death.  He found a way to survive and came out a lot stronger.  As the movie progressed he kept that attitude and it was entertaining.  Another film that comes to mind is The Matrix, not so much a superhero, but he was pulled out of his life and everything he knew to be told it was all a lie… ok, so he got a little dizzy coughed up some white stuff on the floor and he was good to go, next day he was learning kung fu crap and kicking ass.  He pretty much continued to kick ass through all three movies too.

I know that the writers are probably targeting many different demographics and can’t please everyone and I am sure a lot of people would prefer a little drama rather than 2 hours of awesome action.   But personally it can really ruin a movie for me if the main character is a super hero and pretty much has the world to himself to do whatever he wants in but he can’t seem to get off the couch or stop crying long enough to enjoy any of it.  I know I have better examples of this, but I can’t think of any right now, so this rant is over for now.

The Humble Indie Bundle #3


This is probably old news to some already but I just noticed The Humble Indie Bundle is doing another awesome sale allowing you to purchase a few great indie games for whatever you want to pay!  I have participated in the last two bundles and I plan on purchasing this one as well.  You can do $.01 or $100!   Go!  Purchase those fun indie games and support the developers who make them!

Click this link to visit the website:

My Car Pushing Experience Last Night

The Car Push

New Funny Page Added

Added a funny page in the top menu bar to keep all the weird and funny comic things I make.  I am having way to much fun making rage comics lately so I decided to dedicate a spot on this blog to it.  Pretty soon this blog will be about everything I like!!  I guess that is the point of blogs though right?  Check it out by clicking here!

GTA IV iCEnhancer Mod 1.3 Preview Video

This guy made GTA IV look amazing!  I am probably going to have to reinstall GTA just to try out this mod.  If you own GTA IV for the PC you can download the latest version available at  The new 1.3 version sounds like it will be great with a lot more added to it too.  Check out the video to see how realistic he has made this game look.

Robofish Weapon Factory

When we first started working on Robofish our plan was to implement 10 unique weapons each with 10 levels of power that you had to upgrade as you progress through the game.  We completed all 10 weapons and their upgraded abilities before we realized that this just really wasn’t unique or innovative at all.  So about 70% into production we completely scrapped that idea and started working on the weapon factory.  The weapon factory, in a nut shell, allows players to create their own weapons.  As players become stronger and obtain more money in the game they can purchase stronger components for the weapon factory.  To see a more detailed explanation on the weapon factory and see it in action check out the video above!

Wallpaper Gallery Added

Wallpaper 3

Just added a wallpaper gallery under the design page.

Check it out!