BF3 Alpha Media Blowout

Check out this BF3 footage from the alpha.  Lemonjelly1969 made a compliation video from much of the current alpha content right now.

What are your opinions on BF3 so far?  I really need to see some large scale maps before I make too many judgments, right now it looks like a slightly improved Bad Company 2 sequel or something.  It is easy to get caught up in the hype, not to mention the sweet single player trailers DICE released… but is it really anything new?  I want to say, YES, but until I see the large maps with jets flying I am reserving my full opinion on the game.  Some things from the alpha footage I like are the multiple knife killing animations, improved animations overall, and the increased destruction effects.

To keep up to date on more Battlefield 3 media and information check out


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