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New Hawken Gameplay Video

A few months ago my brother showed me some gameplay of a indie game called Hawken and I thought it looked pretty amazing.  Recently Adhesive Games has released a new trailer and it still looks pretty sweet.  It reminds me of mech warrior of course but with a modern day FPS shooter feel to it.  Check it out in the video above.

Diablo 3 Character Resources Detailed

Diablo 3 Resources

“With the Beta tantalizingly close, Blizzard continues adding to their new Diablo 3 Community Site. This afternoon we got a glimpse of each classes’Resource System, complete with animated globes! Though this information is generally already known, by Blizzard posting an official page on the topic it seems the function of each system is finalized. Each system specifically supports the classes’ generic role in combat, though doesn’t completely prevent the possibility of creative, wild builds.”

Click here – to read the full article over at

Problem Comic


Portal: No Escape

If your a Portal fan you should watch this video.

Battlefield 3: Caspian Border

Well my concerns about BF3 are pretty much gone after watching this new gameplay video!  Check it out, this game can’t come soon enough.

Impressive School Project Video Game: Nitronic Rush

This game looks really impressive for just a school project.  I could see it selling pretty well as an indie game.  Check out the video and let them know what you think of it.  Feel free to also check out the developers website at!


Diablo 3 Beta Footage

Lots of news with Diablo 3 today!  Above is a video showing off some of the new beta footage.  Three main things were announced recently:

1. the game will feature an auction house where you can sell items for real money

2. players will be required to have consant online connection to play the game

3. the game is going to prohibit any modding at all