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Team Fortress 2 Scout Video

Spent some time in Team Fortress 2 lately running around as a scout.  I love the speed of them and also love the Force-A-Nature weapon you can find.  The knock back it gives to players can be hilarious sometimes.  If you are a fan of TF2 or the Scout class you should give it a watch.  Thanks!  Don’t forget to subscribe to the youtube channel if you liked it!

Aperture: A Triumph of Science

Cool video made by a community of people depicting what Aperture Laboratories would of been like!

“Aperture: A Triumph of Science” is a documentary exploring the genius of great minds at Aperture Laboratories just before the proud debut of their Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System.”

Friday Night Counter-Strike Session

It has been awhile since I have played any type of Counter-Strike but the urge hit me last night and decided to record some footage of it.  I used to be a hardcore CS player – I started playing the very first day the original CS was released for Half-Life as a modification. I remember it was some map like cs_jail or something and I was hooked immediately. There was a time about 2 or 3 years after I started playing that I should of went into professional gaming for it probably, I wish I would of recorded some of the crap I used to do. I remember learning things in chunks and then once you knew it all you would become nearly unstoppable, for example I learned the maps, then the weapon bullet patterns, then the most likely path of the enemy based on whether or not they are winning or losing, and how to recognize certain sounds.  Sound in CS was insanely important, a lot of the time I would know exactly what was going on around me without seeing anything due to footstep sounds, gun shots, grenade bouncing noises and hostages talking.  This lead to a lot of kills through walls which lead to lots of server kicks/bands, :).

My favorite strategy was to be on the losing team where the enemy would be constantly pounding us by rushing into our spawn and killing us, I would usually camp like the rest of my team for 3-5 rounds and get killed allowing the enemies to gain a lot of confidence and become stupid. Then on the 6 round or so I would buy my favorite weapon and run my ass as fast as I could into a spot they would surely all run past so they could get their easy spawn kills, and then it would be a chicken shoot!  I would mow down usually at least half their team or more in a blaze of glory before someone turns around and spots me. That was awhile ago though!  Then life distracted me and by the time I got back into it I wasn’t near as good anymore.  I never got that good at CS Source for some reason, just doesn’t feel the same.

New Mortal Kombat Movie? Looks like it!

Sweet!  I still watch the original a lot, sometimes for the music alone! MORTAL KOMBATTTTTT DA DUND DHADAUND DHAUDAN!

“New Line, in conjunction with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, is producing a new Mortal Kombat film, 14 years after their last adaptation of the popular video game franchise. Kevin Tancharoen, the man responsible for the popular web-series Mortal Kombat: Legacy (pictured), will be directing“I’ve always been a huge fan of the games,” Tancharoen tells EW. His first Mortal Kombat project was a proof-of-concept video meant to be shown only to studios, but which was accidentally posted to YouTube by none other than himself. “I was mortified at first because I thought I was going to be in a mess of trouble with Warner Bros.” (You can check out the video below.)”

Check out the full article here –


New Random Design Added


I was a little bored tonight and decided to do some messing around in Photoshop. I never know when I am finished with designs like the one above, I could probably continue to add to it forever. The possibilities are endless, but I liked where I ended up here and decided to be done with this thing. I think it looks like glass shattering or a blizzard with lights. I should of made it larger for a wallpaper or something, maybe I will make a new and larger one like it for my computer background. Click on it for the full size version or check out the Random Design page to see some other junk.

Favorite Flash Games

Flash Logo

Sometimes when I am sitting around bored and can’t decide what to do I play flash games until I figure something out.  Over the past few years I have stumbled upon some awesome flash based games that really amaze me.  Below is a list of my top favorite flash games that I have found recently.  Click on them to go to the links and play them your self!

Upgrade Complete 2 (This game can seem ridiculous at first but it is actually pretty cool, I found it pretty unique in the way it plays)

Cursed Treasure: Level Pack (Fun and Challenging)

Death vs. Monstars (fun shooter with good upgrades, I actually used this developers tutorials on explosion graphics for my first few Robofish effects)

GemCraft Labyrinth (This game has so much depth to it!  It is pretty awesome)

Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack (Like Angry Birds, which I have never played, only seen)

Elephant Quest (I loved this game for the slickness of the GUI and graphics)

This is a short list, there are so many others I have played but I will save them for another list later on.  I need to find some of them again as I can’t remember all their names.  Enjoy these though!

I heard these two are splitting up :(