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Random Rant: Superhero Drama



My brother and I often have this discussion when watching superhero movies where we can’t figure out why these “heros” are so depressed and sad all the time!  I can understand it in some movies where the drama is what makes the plot like Batman for example.  However, in movies like Spider-man and X-Men half the movie is them running around crying about some girl/boy they like or how they just want to be normal!  Are you kidding me? I must have missed the part where it explained how being “normal” is anywhere near as awesome as shooting giant rays of energy out of my eyes or flying around the world with nothing other than the clothes on my back!  When I watch a movie about people with super human powers I want to see what they can DO!  I want to watch them crumble buildings with ease as I imagine myself in their shoes, instead I get to hear about how they miss their cat back home and how terrible it is to be 10,000 times stronger than the average person.

I really enjoyed the first Iron Man movie as he didn’t complain to much about his situation, even in the caves when faced with certain death.  He found a way to survive and came out a lot stronger.  As the movie progressed he kept that attitude and it was entertaining.  Another film that comes to mind is The Matrix, not so much a superhero, but he was pulled out of his life and everything he knew to be told it was all a lie… ok, so he got a little dizzy coughed up some white stuff on the floor and he was good to go, next day he was learning kung fu crap and kicking ass.  He pretty much continued to kick ass through all three movies too.

I know that the writers are probably targeting many different demographics and can’t please everyone and I am sure a lot of people would prefer a little drama rather than 2 hours of awesome action.   But personally it can really ruin a movie for me if the main character is a super hero and pretty much has the world to himself to do whatever he wants in but he can’t seem to get off the couch or stop crying long enough to enjoy any of it.  I know I have better examples of this, but I can’t think of any right now, so this rant is over for now.

Random Rant: Doctor Visits

Here comes the fun time

I feel like ranting about something, so I figured I would add a new category to my blog for it!  I recently had the pleasure of contracting a type of food poisoning called camplyobacter.  It is pretty unpleasant to say the least, I had diarrhea for about a month off and on and some vomiting.  When I finally realized it was not the stomach flu and wasn’t going to go away I decided to see the doctors.  I was progressively getting worse and thought I needed help fast, so I went to urgent care on a weekend… pretty much a waste of time there.  So I made an appointment to see my general practitioner later that week.  Here is where my rant begins… the first thing the doc wants to do is a rectal exam…………..   WHY!! I ask, I know there is something wrong I am shittin’ my brains out every 30 minutes, do you need to stick your fingers up there to make sure?!  Apparently its to check for blood or some crap, I dunno.  So Ok, I am a big boy, I can deal with it… took off the pants, grabbed the side of the doctor bed and prepared for insertion.  Couple seconds of uncomfortableness and we were done, phew.  Doctor said nothing seemed out of the ordinary and prescribed me some antibiotics to flush out any unwanted bacteria that may be in my stomach, this is before they found the poisoning.

Couple weeks later the diarrhea had stopped but I was still getting sick almost every day.  I was referred to a specialist and guess what they wanted to do!  MORE RECTAL EXAMS!  I pleaded with the doctor, telling them “I just had it done!  Can’t you see my medical records?!”.  They respond “We need to check for ourselves”.  Ok… I suppose that’s professional right?  Here we go again… finger scooper in the pooper.   These doctors also have require me to poop in a bottle and send it in for studying, this can be tricky, but manageable.  They found the bacteria in the study and said the antibiotics I was originally given by my GP should be taking care of it.  A few weeks go by and I still don’t feel that great, so I go back to see if they can do anything else – sure they can they can give me ANOTHER RECTAL EXAM!  At this point I am thinking there must be gold in my butt, I don’t know.  I don’t understand why it was necessary so many times, but whatever.  Third time must of been a charm because I haven’t had to do it since.  I rant because I don’t understand why doctors can’t review other doctors notes and records instead of doing the same tests over and over… the discomfort was minimal and only lasts a second, not so bad, but the fact I can expect to have it done every time I utter the word “diarrhea” is making me wonder about my doctors intentions over time.