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New Random Design Added


I was a little bored tonight and decided to do some messing around in Photoshop. I never know when I am finished with designs like the one above, I could probably continue to add to it forever. The possibilities are endless, but I liked where I ended up here and decided to be done with this thing. I think it looks like glass shattering or a blizzard with lights. I should of made it larger for a wallpaper or something, maybe I will make a new and larger one like it for my computer background. Click on it for the full size version or check out the Random Design page to see some other junk.


New Design Page: Random

Random One

I have been lazy and not posting much of anything lately so I decided to at least add something to my design area.  I added a “random” page and included one picture I worked on tonight. I am noticing I have more of a creative flow when working with abstract ideas versus realistic. Probably because the latter is much tougher in my opinion :). I should be adding more to the random page soon hopefully.

Wallpaper Gallery Added

Wallpaper 3

Just added a wallpaper gallery under the design page.

Check it out!

Sparkrift: Robofish Design Evolution

Just updated the Sparkrift website with a post on the character design evolution of Robofish himself!  Robofish is the main character in our upcoming xbox live indie game.  I am the graphic designer on the project and have learned a great deal in the process of making this game and hope to share some of that in this blog.

More ConceptRobofish Concepts

Check out the post at