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Global Agenda Gameplay Videos

While I wait for BF3, Skyrim and Diablo 3 I decided to check out Global Agenda with a friend of mine.  It is not as bad as I thought it would be!  If I were playing alone it would be pretty boring I would imagine.  Check out the video up top for some a look at the games instanced team dungeon mission type things.  Check out the youtube channel for more videos!


Hitman: Absolution – New Gameplay Trailer

This is the game series that influenced me to chose “hitman” as my nickname and ever since I have been deemed hitmanjaret, or hitman.  I am surprised I have neglected the news on this game for so long.  Needless to say I am extremely excited for the new release “Absolution” and will definitely be purchasing it day one and playing it until the wee hours of the night.  Check out the new trailer above!  See more videos at their youtube channel.

BF3 Caspian Border Beta Gameplay Part 2

Here is part 2 of the Caspian Border Beta gameplay!

BF3 Caspian Border Beta Gameplay Part 1

I managed to get into some EA Test servers this morning and record about 15 minutes of Caspian Border gameplay.  It was a hell of a lot more fun than Operation Metro and a lot more of what I was expecting out of Battlefield 3!  I can’t wait to get this game.  Keep a look out for Part 2 soon, which has a bit more action then this video.

EDIT: I also wanted to note the part when I was the tank gunner and the tank is glitching out everywhere is due to the fact that the server was having major issues, not the game itself.  I joined a different server shortly after that and that laggy/sluggish crap was non-existent!

My Own Battlefield 3 Beta Gameplay!

I finally got to try out the new Battlefield game last night!  The game is currently in early Beta mode and will go into normal beta tomorrow. At this time the only map we can play is Operation Metro but it’s split into a few fairly large portions which can make for some interesting fire fights. I am disappointed there are no vehicles in the beta however, seems a little stupid, but at least we get to play it I guess.   The video is about 8 and half minutes long and consists of me mainly getting my ass handed to me, haha.  Check the video out anyway if you want to see some more BF3 action.

New Skyrim Footage

Head on over to the Bethesda Blog to check out three new videos showing off more new Skyrim footage!  It’s still looking awesome.

New Hawken Gameplay Video

A few months ago my brother showed me some gameplay of a indie game called Hawken and I thought it looked pretty amazing.  Recently Adhesive Games has released a new trailer and it still looks pretty sweet.  It reminds me of mech warrior of course but with a modern day FPS shooter feel to it.  Check it out in the video above.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Gameplay Video

Pretty sweet video showing off some new Skyrim gameplay.  I am planning on picking up this game as soon as it’s released.  You can’t beat the amount of hours you get out of these games, well worth the price tag!

EDIT: The original video I posted was removed from Youtube for copyright laws, not sure what happened.  I replaced it with the “official” gameplay video released by developers.

BF3 Alpha Media Blowout

Check out this BF3 footage from the alpha.  Lemonjelly1969 made a compliation video from much of the current alpha content right now.

What are your opinions on BF3 so far?  I really need to see some large scale maps before I make too many judgments, right now it looks like a slightly improved Bad Company 2 sequel or something.  It is easy to get caught up in the hype, not to mention the sweet single player trailers DICE released… but is it really anything new?  I want to say, YES, but until I see the large maps with jets flying I am reserving my full opinion on the game.  Some things from the alpha footage I like are the multiple knife killing animations, improved animations overall, and the increased destruction effects.

To keep up to date on more Battlefield 3 media and information check out