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ImGame Social Gaming Network

ImGame is an interesting mobile application that works like other social media apps but is geared specifically for gamers.  Check out some details below:

“ImGame is a new mobile app that allows users to add friends and check into games.  ImGame is creating a new social network for gamers, by gamers, to keep all of your friends in sync with who’s playing what, and when. 

ImGame has the following features:

  • See what your friends are playing, at any time. Get a visual history of what you and your friends have been playing, on any console.
  • No more “just missing” the gaming session.  Too many times we’ve rushed to get online only to find out your friends just stopped playing.  With push notifications you are notified the second a friend checks in.
  • With Pwnerships, the user with the most check ins to a game has bragging rights.  Only you can check in to “de-pwn” them.
  • Users can collect tokens by doing various tasks through the ImGame network, checking in to specific games on specific days, checking in with friends, or even on to specific consoles.

Who are we: We are just a few guys who love gaming and saw a huge flaw in the way we played.  All too often we would try and schedule a gaming time and end up missing each other.  It would be 15 minutes after a friend signed off, or I would be watching TV with nothing to do, not knowing that 3 of my friends were playingGears of War at that exact time.  ImGame remedies that.  If your friend starts to play Gears and checks in, you would get a notification telling you to get to curb stompin!”

Click here to visit the website, which is pretty cool in itself, and learn more about it.

MobiLinc Universal Device Controller Application

Check out this awesome application created by Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC that lets you control all kinds of devices at your home or office with your iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Android. See below for some specific details on what it does or click here to go to their website!

Home Automation Controllers Supported

– Universal Devices ISY-99i series and ISY-26
– SmartHome SmartLinc 2412N Firmware Version 3.x
– SmartHome PowerLinc 2414 USB and Serial
– PulseWorx Mi LightStyle
– HomeSeer

MobiLinc Features

– Automatic Detect and Setup on Local Wi-Fi
– Username and Password Authentication
– Works over Wi-Fi, 3G, or EDGE
– Real Time Status
– Supports up to 1024 Devices and 1024 Scenes
– Supports Thermostats, Irrigation, Garage Door Controllers
– Multiple Profile and Theme Support
– Try MobiLinc Lite with one device for Free to Test Your Setup

 I had the pleasure of working with Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC and helping them with the icons and other misc graphics on their MobiLinc applications.