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Team Fortress 2 Scout Video

Spent some time in Team Fortress 2 lately running around as a scout.  I love the speed of them and also love the Force-A-Nature weapon you can find.  The knock back it gives to players can be hilarious sometimes.  If you are a fan of TF2 or the Scout class you should give it a watch.  Thanks!  Don’t forget to subscribe to the youtube channel if you liked it!


Diablo 3 Friends & Family Beta Footage

Blizzard started the Friends & Family beta recently and If you haven’t already seen there is a lot of new Diablo 3 footage out there for our viewing pleasure!  Above is a cool video of a wizard doing what is called the Skeleton King Run.  I think my first character may be a wizard, they look pretty bad ass to me.  Keep praying for an invite and in the mean time check out more Diablo 3 beta footage on or Reddit/r/diablo.